Welcome To Toonami's city..... Can you hear a whisper in the dark?

This is a small and humble city which I’d like you to visit. I hope you like it and enjoy every little space. I want you to share with me your ideas, dreams and desires…. Because in my city, we can be anything we want to.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

This is a blog which I created to discussion ideas for RPG’s stories. Also, I’d like to meet people who like Anime and Mange! We can exchange information about the news and old cartoons, we can advise each other about Anime events and still we can do a meeting to play RPG.
I like ‘Star Wars’ and ‘X Men’, so I decided to include them in my blog. Maybe if someone has an idea to put together RPG and these movies it’ll be very interesting. We can also make a game with a story from a anime ,just like I saw one made from a cartoon called Ynu-yasha.
That’s why a love RPG! It’s a game that makes you think, makes you invented your own story. We use our imagination to discover a new hidden world. We can do anything and we can be anyone.
If you like this “freedom” that only RPG can gives you, email me pamelasilvasantos@gmail.com. I’ll be very happy to talk with persons who like it too. I want meeting people who know how to be the master of the game, who has books and has already played. I like to play the MEDIAEVAL, but now I’m curious to play the
We can exchange ideas for creating personas or even making a big game right here, in the blog! I’m waiting excited your answers and comments.

HERE: It's a link you can check some information about anime in our city, I afraid saying it's over now,but ...


This a new (not that new, actually) nice anime from JBC.
I thought it's cute... look and tell me what you think:


Just two others things before I go:

Love Hina, you can watch on Cartoonnetwork

And the International meeting of RPG:

So... For now, it's all!
See ya, soon!


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